2012 Season of Giving & Blessings

The 2012 Season of Giving & Blessings

On December 23, 2012, Christian Faith World Ministries (CFWM) engaged in its 2012 Season of Giving & Blessings as CFWM members purchased nearly $500 in donated gifts for 25 children and families from Angel Tree, Bush Elementary School and Children’s Hospital of Medical City Dallas.

What a blessing our membership received in sharing with those in between the blessings as CFWM church members open their hearts and wallets to do more than talk the talk, but also walk the walk in giving where it counts the most.

In addition to the gifts each child received also received a Children’s Bible and other Christian materials! In most cases, for the children this was their very first Bible in which our church members had the pleasure and honored to give.

I am so proud to be the pastor of such a wonder church family that made such blessings possible for these children and families during this Christmas season during our 2012 Season of Giving and Blessings.

Please see pictures from this wonderful event please visit out Facebook page our Flicker page at  at and Medical City Children’s Hospital Dallas, TX in the coming days.


CFWM Gift Givers: Jessica Robinson, Darlene Littles, Dale Littles, Denise Robinson, Anthony Cordero, Monica Collins, Kristopher McLemore, James Rucker, Pastor & First Lady Hodges please visit out Flicker & Facebook pages!