About Our Logo

About Our Logo


The Christian Faith World Ministries Center (CFWMC) logo is a God inspired design representing aspects of the Kingdom of God.  No credit can be taken for this design except for the inspired creation given by God and the very creative skills of those who saw it to completion.

At the top of logo is the ministry name encapsulated by outer and inner circular rings representing the continuity and continuum of the Old and New Testaments and our belief that the full Gospel is represented by the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.

At the bottom of logo circles is human and spiritual life represented as Body, Spirit and Soul. Human beings were formed by God as “spirit” beings that live in a physical “body” and have a “soul” known as the Tri-Part Man.

The inner ring has a picture of the world because God created the heavens and earth then He created man to live on the earth.  God exists in three parts as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in a tri-part manifestation, all equal in dignity, power and existence.  This tri-part existence of God is commonly known as the “trinity” and more correctly known as the triune God, specifically the Godhead.

Next the cross sits elevated in the picture of the world with God the Father at the head, the Son of God on the cross and the Holy Spirit at the bottom of the cross in the world. God sent His is only child Jesus Christ into the world to pay the debt of humankind. A debt Jesus Christ did not owe and a debt that no other could pay to die on the cross for the sins of the world past, present and forever more.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ did not remain dead but rose on the third day as the Living Lord Jesus Christ to be the Mediator for all humankind before God the Father.  It is for this reason why in the logo Jesus Christ is sitting just above the earth to mediate the sins of the world before the Lord.

When Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven to sit down at the right hand of the Father because His work was completed, as foretold the Holy Spirit was sent to reside in the world and in the hearts of believers around the world.

The bottom of the cross sitting in the world represents the present day presence of the Holy Spirit from the Godhead sent into world with the promise of an eternal life and to help believers live bold and victorious lives.

Finally, the cross is illuminated from the top of world to the top of cross as the light God will burn for evermore from generation to generation being the Alpha and Omega of all creation to the glory of God!