Mission ~ Vision ~ Motto


Christian Faith World Ministries Center (CFWMC) operates as a diverse, multicultural, non-denominational  evangelical worldwide ministry with the mission to win souls for Kingdom of God through salvation in the name of His Son Jesus Christ.



SPEAK the living Word of God to the saved and unsaved  that God knew you before you were born, knows the number hairs on your hair, knows every thought and condition of your human existence, and that God desires to have a relationship in your life now and hereafter for evermore.

TEACH the living written Word of God to the saved Christians of their rights as heirs to the throne of God that as kings and queens of the Kingdom of God that they can a full, enjoying and meaning life operating under the benefits of an open heaven.

PREACH the inspired living Word of God to the world’s hurting, hopeless, confused, brokenhearted downtrodden, disappointed, and lost  people of the world to seek hope and keep the in faith God through His Son Jesus Christ for a meaning life now and eternity through the gift of salvation and relationship with God.



Speaking, Teaching & Preaching the Living Word of God To The Living World and Come As You Are Leave Changed.