Media Communication Institute is a 501 (c)(3) a non-profit youth and young adult media production and training program collaborative. Media Production & Training


We invite you to help in our efforts with your personal contributions, grants, corporate tax-deductible donations, and personal talent in our Mentorship programs.



We help participants learn how to produce live-television shows, video documentaries and websites. They acquire visual and verbal literacy skills to help them develop critical thinking skills that increase their overall learning ability.

Our methods help participants:

  • Become highly-motivated learners

  • Develop self-respect and respect for others

  • Develop confidence in their ability to learn

  • Learn to express abstract ideas and concepts clearly and effectively

  • Develop cooperative learning and team-working skills

  • Discover how written and spoken language and visual images operate as communication systems

The best part of working on the production our programs at Media Communications Institute is working together as a team, discussing with group members, learning how to setup video equipment, and getting along with each other.”

~ Program Participant ~



Media Communications Institute is a member of the Listen Up! Youth Media Network. Through its National Youth Media Network and website hosted by PBS, Listen Up! uses the internet, film festivals and National Public Television broadcast to create a forum for youth to express their ideas and views.

Our Mission

Media Communications Institute’ mission is to inform, educate, and inspire youth and young adults to achieve their full potential using the tools of media, computer technology, the performing arts and entrepreneurship.

Media Communications Institute is a 501(c)(3) and an approved California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education collaborative media production and training organization.

Our targeted population are youth and young adults from ages 14 to 23 and who are considered to be “high risk” individuals with a mission to trained youth and young adults in Sacramento California area.

Our participants are enrolled from the entire Sacramento County and adjacent areas based upon program space availability.

Our after-school/out-of-school training and entrepreneurial programs provide empowering alternatives to divert youth from the activities and lifestyles that often render them at risk of educational failure and involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Our Goals

1. Offer youth training programs that provide instruction   in Video Production, Computer Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Skills, Personal Development, Radio and Television Management. 

2. Provide students with personal development skills that encourage healthy, disciplined and responsible lifestyles.

3. Develop partnerships with community organizations, businesses and individuals.

4. Employ sound fiscal policies and practices and develop a diverse financial support base.