Our Ministries

Christian Faith World Ministries Center is a multicultural non-denominational worldwide Christian ministry, with 24 different ministries serving the people, families, and communities in which we operate for the purpose and glory of God.

We also sever the universal body of Christ at-large from churches, ministries, ministers and others involved in vocational call of God.

For additional information on Christian Faith World Ministries Center 24 different ministries, please feel free to explore your area of interest on our web site.





  • Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Hodges Ministries

  • Lady Della Mina Hodges Ministries


Ministry Administration

  • Ministerial Staff Ministry

  • Ministry Administrative Office

  • Christian Counseling Ministry

  • Public Relations Ministry

  • Musical Arts Ministry

  • Performing Arts Ministry

  • Youth Performing Arts

  • Children’s Performing Arts

  • Audio & Visual Ministry

Lay Ministry

  • Deacons

  • Deaconess

  • Ministry Assistants

  • Alter Call Assistants

  • Medical Team

  • Safety Team

  • Parking Administration


Church & Ministry Services

  • Christian Faith World Ministries Church

  • Christian Church Charters

  • Christian Ministry Alliance

  • Ministry Licenses – Ordinations

Education Ministries

  • Christian Faith World Ministries Theological University

  • Five-Fold Ministry Institute

  • Christian Faith World Ministries Academy

  • Media Communications Institute


Media Communications

  • Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Hodges Publications

  • Christian Faith World Ministries Media Center

  • Media Communications Institute

  • Living Word Television

  • Living Word Christian Radio

 Youth & Children Ministry

  • Christian Youth Ministries

  • Gods Kid’s International

  • Media Communications Institute

  • Youth Performing Arts Ministry

  • Children’s Performing Arts Ministry

Christian Ministry Fellowships

  • Kings & Priests International

  • Praying Families Network

  • Day of Faith International

  • Christian Men Fellowship

  • Christian Women Fellowship

  • Christian Ministry Alliance

  • Marriage Ministry