The Joseph Project


The Joseph Project is a collaborative community service outreach program of Christian Faith World Ministries Center (CFWMC), our sister organization Families 4 Life Center  (F4LC), Volunteer Center of North Texas, Dallas County,  and other community stakeholders.

The Joseph Project is designed to engage and help those who have paid their debt to society by serving their time, have recognize the poor choice they made, and now need a way to successfully integrate back into society in real and meaningful way.

All too often many of those who have a poor choices in past, often make poor choices again because society looks upon their poor choice and not the person.

By all rights once a debt that is owed has been for paid from a person’s past poor choice and they have been released back into our communities, society now has to make choices on how to effectively engage these individuals.

While many are denied the right to vote, obtain  meaningful employment or otherwise find ways to live like other normal people in our society, often the result is a return to the poor choices once made in their past just to survive and live.

Far too often many men and women who are faced the reality of trying to provide for themselves or their families, return to life of crime as means of financial support and not necessarily by their desire, rather as a means to just survive.

The Joseph Project is designed to assist with transitional reintegration services that transform lives based upon base the principal of the “second chance” and the Biblical life of Joseph from the Book of Genesis.

The foundational focus is simple, it is not where you have been, but what  the plan on to how you finish strong that counts.

While many in our society are unwilling to give those who have been involved in criminal justice system a second chance, we believe God does as the author of first, second, third and other changes.

The Joseph Project’s second foundational principle, “failure is not final” and that it is never to late to begin again with God! Hope is the essential ingredient in a successful life and while hope is not a strategy, when hope is combined with a plan, encouragement, direction, and self desire to put it all together the life can begin again in ways many never thought possible in positive way.

The Joseph Project works collaboratively with Federal, state and local governments, agencies, employers, business mentors, educators, community leaders and concerned citizens to strategically develop alliances with community partners and stakeholder groups to help men and women start their own businesses, find jobs, pursue educational opportunities, develop better life skills, and volunteer service as way of giving back.